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    We Are

    When we say we’re professional, creative & passionate, we live every single word in every interaction we have.

    Quicker Response

    Our technology-based methodology gives us the edge of candidate matching & interest generation to get quickest response to any job post.

    Wider Sectoral Spectrum

    Our experience in job consultancy various sectors from education to technology, manufacturing to health gives us leverage against our competitors.

    Organized Candidate Profiling

    We’re extremely careful & sensitive towards employers’ time. So a special attention is given as placement agency to screen candidates.

    Affordable & Success Based

    Our financial model is both job seeker & employer friendly in which they pay outs are success based primarily, so no worries of any loss.

    Specialized for SME Sector

    We’ve specialized services for small & medium enterprises where we serve as their preferred recruitment partners & take care their needs.


    Our Process

    • Understanding Requirement

      We spend good time to understand the requirement because this helps us getting the near right candidates

    • Exploring Resources

      AWe explore all the databases & build new one to generate a potential list for the vacancy. We use all leading & innovative resources

    • Running Interview drive

      We do interviews at our end to fine tune the list of potential candidates as per employer’s requirement

    • Final Interviews

      The final interviews are scheduled at employer’s location and recruitment for vacancy is completed

    Our Esteemed Clients

    Though we’re a young company but we have been able to serve many organisations of high repute


    We were starting a new division wherein we required a young & energetic team that was flexible about the working hours. I was simply astonished when Reves helped us to complete the recruitment in mere 10 days time. I wish them all the very best to continue the good work

    Reves Placements

    Rajesh Kumar-ShivamSurgitech


    Rajesh Kumar,

    AB Steels is a steel trading unit and we needed a senior accountant who had the complete knowledge of various departments. Runa had a discussion with us and took the project. I was amazed when recruited the first candidate…he was simply what we wanted.

    Reves Placements

    Amit-Director AB Steels


    Amit, Director AB Steels

    How to prepare for an interview

    April 12, 2015
    Being Ready For That All Important Interview! When you are just out of college, perhaps the only thing on your mind is to get a job, which will bring in the big bucks and allow you to grow in life. However, there are many people who are not even aware of how they should attend a job interview. There are actually three parts to acing a job interview – the before, the during and the after. Should you take care of each step, there is no reason why you should not be able to ace your very first interview. The Before: The After: Once the interview is done, remember to thank everyone and keep your posture straight and smile in place. If you have not been told whether you will be contacted later or not, you can ask about the same.

    How to feel confident in an interview

    April 12, 2015
    Feeling and Looking Confident For an Interview Being prepared for an interview is one thing, but being mentally ready is a completely different thing. Many people feel that knowing all the right answers will get them the job, but the fact is far from it. There are several others factors that contribute to you looking and more importantly, feeling confident for an important interview. Here are a few things that you can do to feel more confident:   Here are a few things that you can do to feel more confident: You need to understand that an interview is a chance to shine and you need to make full use of the same.

    How to dress right for an interview

    April 12, 2015
    Get Your First Impression Right! They say, clothes maketh a man – truth be told, clothes do play a large role in creating the persona of an individual. Dress well and you will grab all the attention that you deserve; however, few people understand how to dress according to their body type and more importantly, in accordance with the occasion. When you are attending an interview, dressing properly is of utmost importance, because technically speaking, your interview starts, the moment you enter the room. The panel will judge you by the clothes you are wearing – dress too casually, and they will feel that you are not interested enough; over dress and they will think that you are too desperate for the job. It might surprise many people, but there are certain unwritten rules for dressing appropriately for job interviews and some of them are mentioned here: Men Women Women have a little more choice, when it comes to dressing well for an interview.