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    Founder / Project Lead

    High Quality Hiring

    We know that it is never about the best candidate but about the best match and that what we aim to provide

    Made with Passion

    Reves means dreams and we understand the value, we nurture and care about the ambitions that an individual sows

    Creative Organization

    We always ensure about innovative approaches always give you unexpected never hesitate to try

    Best Practices

    Our placement agency follows the best practice code which means even chose our clients diligently

    Our Story

    After being educated from St Bede’s College, Shimla, I started my career in 2001 as a language trainer. I trained quite a few people much elder to me in age, all of them trying to get good job in India & Abroad. I always wondered why getting job is that difficult. Then further I worked with multi-billion dollar CITI Group but the same manpower problem existed.
    There I decided to start a company that can help people get right jobs and the organization right kind of candidates. We wanted to keep the process very simple for everyone and we’re determined to do it.

    Happy Jobs everyone!!

    I love innovation

    I realized the things are not always as difficult or complex if we try the simplest solutions first. So we leveraged the social media to connect to people and try getting them the right of opportunities. Sometimes we just inform the people and the right candidate walks-in.

    I’m connecting with people

    Everyday my team & I try to connect to more and more people to understand the latest trends. We apprise the employers of the current trends and job seekers about the opportunities. The ecosystem we wish to build should empower people to work with choice not complusionxsw