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    How to dress right for an interview

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    Get Your First Impression Right!

    They say, clothes maketh a man – truth be told, clothes do play a large role in creating the persona of an individual. Dress well and you will grab all the attention that you deserve; however, few people understand how to dress according to their body type and more importantly, in accordance with the occasion.
    When you are attending an interview, dressing properly is of utmost importance, because technically speaking, your interview starts, the moment you enter the room. The panel will judge you by the clothes you are wearing – dress too casually, and they will feel that you are not interested enough; over dress and they will think that you are too desperate for the job.
    It might surprise many people, but there are certain unwritten rules for dressing appropriately for job interviews and some of them are mentioned here:


    • If you are planning on wearing a suit, make sure it is in a dark colour, preferably dark blue or dark grey. Make sure that the shirt and tie you are choosing, go in tandem with the suit.
    • If you are not wearing a suit, you can wear a formal shirt, trousers and a tie, all of which should be properly coordinated. Choose a lighter coloured shirt and darker trousers.
    • The belt and socks should be of a dark colour too.
    • It is best that you limit your accessories to a smart, yet simple watch.
    • Get a haircut before you go for an interview, and make sure that you shave in the morning and also trim your nails.
    • Don’t wear a very strong perfume or aftershave, but please do remember to wear a deodorant.


    Women have a little more choice, when it comes to dressing well for an interview.

    • If you are planning on wearing western wear, you can wear either a formal jacket with pants or with a skirt. In either case, choose a suit that is dark in colour and combine it with a lighter coloured shirt. If you are wearing a skirt, make sure that it is long enough for you to sit comfortably. The ideal length is just below the knee.
    • If you are wearing Indian outfits, choose a simple saree or salwar kameez. Pick colours that are light and dupattas or saree pallus should be pleated and pinned neatly.
    • Jewellery should be kept to the minimal – a thin chain, a simple bangle or bracelet and small earrings.
    • Hair should be tied neatly and makeup should be minimal too.
    • It is best that you not wear a strong perfume, but a mild cologne or deodorant would be a good idea.
    • Trim your nails and if you are planning on wearing a nail polish, choose a light or neutral shade.
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