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    Why Job Seekers Should Choose To Collaborate With Uss

    Looking for a job might seem easy enough to many, but landing the right job is never easy. While some people might be lucky enough to find the job of their dreams on their own steam, many are either left high and dry, or stuck in a job, where they are neither happy, nor do they have scope for growth.

    Here is what we do:

    When you first come to meet us, we will gather all the essential details from you. This will include your contact information, such as your phone number and email address, your educational qualifications and your work experience. In case, you are a fresher, we will gather information about volunteer work or internships that you might have done.
    We will also provide help, should you need to draft that perfect resume – we will tell you what to write, where to write it and how to write it. More importantly, we will tell you what not to write in your resume. Essentially, once you have a resume that has been created with our assistance, you will have little to worry about.
    In addition to the perfect resume, we also understand that how you present yourself in the interview makes a difference. This is why we will also be happy to provide you with advice on how to dress for the interview, the dos and don’ts of when you are inside the interview room and all the requisite etiquettes of acing an interview.
    And in exchange for all this, we will ask of you, only a small registration fee!

    However, with the right kind of help, not only can you find the perfect job, but also be truly happy and satisfied. At Reves Placement that is what we aim for – we try to bring to you, the best jobs for you, ensuring that not only do you have a great workplace atmosphere, but also plenty of job satisfaction.

    What do you get:

    We have made diligent efforts to be connected with each and every industry, so that we are able to offer our clients a range of jobs, especially ones that excite them.

    Some of the sectors that we currently cater to, include:

    • Information technology as well as Information Technology Enabled Services
    • BPOs and KPOs
    • Health sectors including hospitals and clinics offers cosmetic surgeries
    • Online shopping portals
    • Small scale manufacturing units as well as start ups
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • FMCGs

    The range of job opportunities that we offer includes:

    • Entry level jobs for front office, computer operation or data entry
    • Telemarketing and customer relations
    • Middle as well as senior level posts related to coordinating with large teams or handling entire branches
    • Skills related to the IT field, such as SEO, SMO, PHP and so on
    • Accounting, taxation, auditing and company secretary
    • Engineering and architecture
    • Mass communication
    • Marketing and advertising
    Come to us and we will help you in your journey to professional success!