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    Faq's from Job Seekers

    The Most Frequently Asked Questions from Job Seekers

    Many a times, the questions asked by job seekers are similar to the ones asked by others, which is why we have compiled a set of frequently asked questions, which are aimed directly at prospective employees.

    What kind of help do you provide to job seekers?
    It does not matter what your qualification or experience level is, we will help you find the right job. When you first contact us, we will ask you for some basic details, which will allow us to gauge your level of experience and also allow us to assist you in choosing the right jobs. We will be with you, till the time you complete your interview and are offered a position. Should things not work out, we will be waiting for you, with yet another interview lined up.
    What is the process followed for taking service?
    Our process is very simple – you can get in touch via phone or email, and we will invite you to our office. Once we have met with you and gathered all your details and you have paid the registration fees, we will get in touch with you, once we have setup an interview for you. In between this time period, if you have any doubts or need any assistance, we will always be here to help.
    What kinds of job opportunities are available?
    We are connected with a variety of industries and have contacts in a range of companies, which means that we can offer you the widest range of job opportunities. From fresher level opportunities to higher level of management, depending on your qualification and experience, we will be able to assist you in finding your dream job. So whether you are looking for a front desk job or something which will allow you to exercise your technical skills, we will be able to locate a job for you. Some of the job opportunities we offer include entry level jobs like data entry executives, customer service and tele-operators, middle and senior levels in branch management or coordination, engineering and architecture related posts. In addition, we also offer opportunities for accountants, tax experts, company secretaries, auditors, computer programmers and software developers.
    What sectors do you cater to?
    We understand that job seekers might be looking for jobs in a variety of industries, ranging from publishing to manufacture of computers. Similarly, employers from the same range of industries are also looking to hire talented people, which is why we cater to all sectors that approach us. Some of the sectors that we cater to, include small scale manufacturing units, health sectors such as hospitals and specialty clinics, IT and BPO, online shopping portals, pharmaceuticals and FMCG.
    Do you offer help in preparing for job interviews?s
    Absolutely! We understand that many people might be applying for a job for the very first time and might have no idea of how to prepare for an interview. We will provide assistance in not only preparing to face the interview panel, but we will also help you in gaining the right persona. Our aim is to ensure that you project an air of positive confidence from the time you step into the room – so we will even guide you on how to pick the right clothes, how to groom yourself, how to greet and address the panel members and how to conduct yourself throughout the interview.
    What is the guarantee of getting a job after paying the registration fee?
    Our aim is to find you the job of your dreams, which is why we do not consider our task completed, till we have found you the right job.
    7. Is the registration fee refundable?
    Unfortunately, the registration fee is non-refundable, however there is little chance that you will need a refund, because we do not consider our job done, till we find a job for you!
    Do you provide any kind of help in drafting resumes?
    Of course! We understand that for many people, this might be the first time that they are appearing for a job interview and would have no idea how to draft an impressive resume. So, we will assist you in creating the ideal resume, one which is crisp and concise, but also provides all the important information. More importantly, we will advice you about what you should NOT include in your resume.
    Do you guarantee the work culture of the employers?
    We have ensured that we have tie ups with companies that are known to provide a great work culture. This is our way of assuring that the companies we find you jobs in, will give you work satisfaction and ample chances to grow.
    How do I get in touch with your team to initiate the process?
    It’s very simple – send an email to our team or give us a call. Come meet us and give us all your details, including educational qualifications, professional experience, resume and contact details. Submit the registration fees and then, as soon as we have lined up some interviews for you, we will get in touch with you.